Alabama Tourism site wins national content awards

alabama-travel-wins-top-honorsBringing new life to the Alabama Tourism Department website has been one of the most fulfilling projects I’ve had the opportunity to work on. Our team worked tirelessly to create a content-rich, interactive experience for travelers, which made our recognition for the site by the Content Marketing Awards that much sweeter. The awards were announced in September 2013, and included three honors for

  • GOLD: Best Overall Design
  • BRONZE: Best Overall Website (One of the award show’s highest-level categories; Gold went to Google and Silver to Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts.)
  • HONORABLE MENTION: Best Landing Page

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yomoLet’s face it: some projects are just more fun than others. Creating a new website for Yogurt Mountain was one of those projects. We made sure their messaging was on target and created personas for each of their unique flavors. And may have treated ourselves to a bowl (or two) of delicious fro-yo.

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How typos can hurt brands

typopicIt’s no secret that typos can cost money. In 2010, an extreme downward spike in the stock market was blamed on the word “million” being accidentally entered as “billion.” And in advertising, agencies and their clients must eat costs associated with correcting mistakes.

But how do typos affect the overall perception of a company and reception of the message?

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Can restaurants afford to be anti-social?

computerdiningIn a 2011 Harris Interactive poll, more than half of adults under 35 reported checking out more than two websites before patronizing a local business; 63 percent of them first go to and 24 percent check Facebook. A recent National Restaurant Association study suggests that adults who identify themselves as technologically connected and social media-savvy dine out more than other adults.

Still, not all restaurants are aboard the social media gravy train.

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Introducing The Year of Alabama Food

YOFpage1Attention food fans: The Year of Alabama Food website has arrived.

For the last few months, the digital content team team at Luckie has been sorting through photos of ooey-gooey goodness, writing detailed descriptions of decadent dishes (making our sack lunches and frozen meals pale in comparison) and figuring out the best ways to serve up all this great food on the Web.

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The psychology behind Pinterest

pinterestThere seems to be a different attitude among account holders of this free service compared to those of other social networks. Ben Silbermann and Evan Sharp, two of Pinterest’s founders, have said the point of Pinterest is to give users a place to compile things that they like and that inspire them.

But Pinterest isn’t just a tool to organize these things – it’s about sharing with others, which makes it just as much about what pins say about you than what you think of the things you’re pinning.

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